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Fear of losing!

Today, the mood became very bad for two days! One of our neighbors, a younger brother, has been married for almost three years! The boy’s mother died at a very young age! Dad gets married again! The boy was not very good, but did not have much trouble! Because the boy has been working in people’s homes, people’s shops since childhood! He used to provide his own food! The boy’s older brother’s wife used to take care of him more or less! Day by day the boy grew up! Then the boy married a girl of his choice! The parents of the first girl did not want to accept their marriage, After all is well! Their small world was going well! Then after three long years a cute baby boy came across their lap! As soon as the baby was born, the boy called me and said to me with great excitement, “Brother, I have a baby! I mean, you’re an uncle! ” I was so happy to hear that! The boy distributed sweets among his relatives in the joy of having his son! I was also invited to eat sweets! Then I was a little out of my area! I tell him,Give my sweets to someone else! I’ll take it later! But sadly, three days after the baby was born, at about 7:30 pm, Haomao called and cried, saying, “Brother Sagar, My baby is gone, I mean, dead! “I wasn’t ready to hear the news! I was shocked to hear the news!The newborn baby was taken to the hospital! The baby died there! Then when the baby’s body was brought home we went there and comforted him! When I looked at the newborn baby, Then it seemed that nothing in the world is permanent, one day we will be lost!

Published by MD Mohinul islam

Life is not colourful at every time!

8 thoughts on “Fear of losing!

  1. It is very difficult to hit the ‘Like’ button on a blog like this, but what I mean by it, is that I like your honesty and vulnerability in this writing.
    We do not need to be ‘lost’ even if we die. Being found by Jesus, the Christ, assures us that because He lives even though He was crucified and ‘dead’ for three days, we can also live beyond this life.
    As for your nephew, he is in the presence of a loving Father, more perfect in loving even than your dear brother.
    My prayers are with your family that they will find comfort from The God Who Is.
    ❤️&🙏, c.a.

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  2. is cruel and real fact that we get only for losing.all things are in this world are mortal.much sad consolation for you and your friends family.🙏🙏🙏

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