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Rights and love!

The word love is probably the most powerful, unadulterated, pure and widely used word in the real world! This word is mixed in every drop of human blood, every breath! Some people practice it, some people discover it, some people find it and some people don’t understand the meaning of this word love. From a very young age I was weak towards one thing, that is to say!

It’s easy to feel, trust, or trust someone! Day by day, my mind and soul were eager and always awake for these to become my natural traits! When I left my mother’s area, I peeked into the outside world! I saw colorful shades all around! Noise with friends at school, hustle and bustle in the playground, jumping in the pond, everything smells sweet all the time! New friends from childhood to adolescence! It would be nice for them to be able to express themselves, it would be nice to remember that any thing or thing I mean is my friend’s and any thing or thing my friend means is mine too! But as adolescence began to mature, I began to realize that not everyone thinks like me! Day by day, the scope of realization began to grow, I began to breathe the separation of rights or trust from friends!

Then, in the fall of adolescence, I met the youthful lamp painted in colors! In the controlled flame of that lamp, pure golden light is made, again all the coming light is carried away by the broken tide of the dam!
In this situation, I look around and see the hustle and bustle of chemistry among the children!
And so I also floated in their current to find the meaning of chemistry! Not even in the eyes, not in the mind of He did not catch, but he continued to try to discover the chemistry!  Day after day the water flowed a lot, the neighborhood-mahalala kanakani-janajani started, then a little monomalinya among the guardians of the family!

  But I still do not understand, what is chemistry or love?  As a result, I decided to suspend the chemistry research to reduce the tension between the two families, but the other side did not agree at all!  Yet I came out forcibly!  Then the tension between the two sides began normal relationship!  The relationship that existed before the discovery of chemistry was also suspended in the hot breath of the second party!  Like before, my words have no value to him!  No whimsy, no rights, no shy laughter like before, even the language of the eyes is lost in an unknown distance!  Here, too, the same murmur began in the mind;  Why then did it seem that love is another name for this right!

Published by MD Mohinul islam

Life is not colourful at every time!

15 thoughts on “Rights and love!

  1. If we are one of those who experience love as a baby, we are truly blessed. It helps to sow the seeds to enable us to love others like our parents and family and then onward to friends, pets, nature et al. As you pointed out however, we then have to discern about whether the recipients of our love deserve the trust and faith we bestow in the act of love.
    I enjoyed reading your take on love.

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